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Ready Set Goes Meals FAQ

When do you deliver the meals?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The day must be requested when placing your order.  The delivery times are 11-1 am and 4-7 pm.

Where are the delivery locations?

Iron House Gym, Fitness Edge, CycleBar Spartanburg, Burn Bootcamp Spartanburg, Aim High Fitness, & Pro Fitness

What is the cost of the meals?

The prices range from $6 for most breakfast items, $8 for most lunch/dinner entrees,& $10 for specialty snacks.  Family sized meals are available upon request, $30-$50.

What are the macronutrients per meal?

On average, the meals range 350-450 cals, 25-35g protein, 25-35g carbs, 10-20g fat per meal. 

How do I order?

We text, email, and post a new menu every Thursday.  All orders must be submitted by 9 pm Saturday. Just order the item and quantity and the day/time of requested delivery. We will invoice you upon delivery

What forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, ApplePay, checks, and cash

How long will the meals stay fresh?

The meals may be refrigerated up to 4 days.  However, it’s recommended that you keep two days worth in the fridge and freeze the remainder.  They can be frozen up to 60 days. They are also microwaveable

Do I need to return the containers?

No, they are yours to keep.  You may reuse, recycle or dispose of them

Do I need a cooler bag?

Yes, it’s highly recommended that you have one.  You may leave it at the delivery location or bring it with you to put your order in upon pickup.  We do deliver in cooler bags upon request. Most locations have refrigerators for your convenience.

If I don’t have membership at any of those gyms. Can I still pickup from those locations?

Absolutely! They are conveniently located throughout Spartanburg & Greenville and are open to all clients to pickup their orders. 

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