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First, A Little About the Founder

Roz Ginn was born in Richmond, VA. Her father was in the United States Army, so she and her family spent most of her childhood overseas. Eventually, they returned to the United States where she graduated high school and college. Roz is a graduate of Virginia Tech, with a degree in Mass Communications. After college, she worked as an on-air radio personality. Always looking for a challenge, she decided to join the United States Air Force. She served four years as a nuclear radio communications technician and received many awards and accolades, including Airman of the Year for the United States Space Command. After her enlistment, she worked in civil service as a Quality Control Manager. Roz has always been passionate about fitness. After many years of working out and helping others, she obtained her certifications in personal training & nutrition. Her love of competing led her to run 5 & 10k races. Then in 2011, she competed in her first bodybuilding competition as a figure athlete. She continues to compete in the women’s physique division on the national level. Roz has worked in numerous industries, from electronics to sales, from automotive to marketing. She’s lived all over the country. With each relocation, the first thing she would always do is find a church and a gym! As a personal trainer and fitness chef, she loves to help others reach their fitness goals. Her vast experience and her desire to always initiate and embrace change inspired her to inspire others!

Roz Has Always Been Passionate About Fitness

Ready Set Goes was founded by Roz Ginn, in 2015…the ultimate oxymoron, unintentionally on purpose! As a personal trainer, Roz noticed the most common obstacle clients face is understanding nutrition. The fitness model is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise, so although clients were doing amazing things during their training sessions, afterwards they were left to fend for themselves when it came to eating. One day one of her clients literally said, “I wish you could cook for me!” Never one to back down from a challenge or let someone use that as an excuse, she said, “Ok! I can do that!” And the rest, as they say, is history! Word of mouth spread quickly. Soon, her meal prep clients outnumbered her training clients. ReadySetGoes prides itself on providing a wide variety of healthy and delicious meals. Each week a new menu is posted, including meatless options and healthy sweets to satisfy a variety of palettes. While we do not subscribe to one particular diet ideology, clients rave about weight loss, increased energy, and overall well-being. We credit this to the fact that many people are undernourished, so incorporating clean, fresh food into their already subpar diet is a huge improvement! We prepare the meals fresh and deliver them to our local gym partners, to be picked up by our clients at their convenience. We love to cook and educate our clients on the value of good nutrition, not only to be fit but more importantly for optimum health!

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